MUTHA LUVIN CHIMPS – The Usual Suspects

Mutha Luvin ChimpsThe Usual Suspects is the second album from Manchester, England punks, Mutha Luvin Chimps. The album catapults into life with the “1,2,3,4” shouted intro to the fantastic 93 seconds of Bunny. Producing a blend of the Buzzcocks, Toy Dolls and the Cockney Rejects, the band are onto something and it sounds sublime!

There are fourteen pop/punk tracks on the album and the tuneful melodies pervade throughout from the catchy Red Alert to the rock and rolling Cool Party with its 1950s vibe (albeit amped up and punkified!) On Hey Ho the Mutha Luvin Chimps explore humorous lyrics backed by an Oi! terrace chant group vocal. The sentiment that we can all agree with on the I Miss Joe Strummer is brought home by the brief Tommy Gun introduction and a melodic Clash style rocker.

I’m Not Blind pounds along with hooks and melody in droves and is followed by White Noise with some Ramones feel. The band really know how to connect the vocals to produce some singalong moments but the overall package is simply excellent punk rock music.

With Revolution, Mutha Luvin Chimps take the best of 1970s pre-punk glam rockers The Sweet and put their sound through the punk rock machine to produce a corker of a track and they follow it with UK-5Z4-17-00009-Friday Sun where that 1970s Glam Rock power sounds just a bit edgier, slightly raw but still very accessible and head bangingly addictive!

Like the Toy Dolls, Mutha Luvin Chimps tell stories with their songs, with humour but with a more personal tone from the aggressive Lies to the Clash inspired Too Bad. On Fittest Girl On The Nightshift the band tell a funny story about how a girl who makes the mundane aspects of work bearable but doesn’t even know he even exists.

The penultimate song, Everybody’s On Medication, I was literally headbanging to a hook laden belter and the closing track, Rainy Monday with its rain effects, alarm clock and group vocal driven pop-punk approach, the band delivers a fitting end to a fun album.

For a lighter, funnier but no less powerful punk rock experience, check out The Usual Suspects by Mutha Luvin Chimps here:

Manchester band Mutha Luvin Chimps take their cues from the best. A glance at their Facebook profile tells you that their influences include The Buzzcocks, Undertones, Ramones, The Jam, SLF etc... They deliver original music that's melodic and refreshing. Spawned by a love of classic era punk but with a modern twist. 

  The current line up features Jonny Baggs (vocals), Nozzer (guitar), The Saint (bass/vocals) and Silverback (drums). A click on their website will bring you to their Life, Love & Daytime TV cd which is available in physical form or for free digital download : 

  In a couple of days they release their catchy as hell new single. It's a song about an alien invasion of Earth by orange skinned women with weird duck like faces wearing Primark boots (you've no doubt seen their like round your local town centre). Call Captain Kirk, this is Red Alert...... 

Don't shoot, we're empty handed, 
Weird girls from outer space have landed, 
They look strange and they all dress the same 
It's insane! 

Oh my god! The Martian girls have landed! 
Orange skin, boots primarny branded, 
I think it's time to call Captain Kirk 
This is Red Alert! 

Call the cops! Their laser guns are booming, 
With eye brows that are clearly not human, 
A strange race, beaming down from outer space, 
With a strange duck face! 

Don't look now, the Martian girls have landed, 
Orange skin, boots primarny branded, 
I think it's time to call Captain Kirk, 
This is Red Alert! 

The chances of anything coming from Mars was a million to one he said, 
Who is that girl on the high street with silicon brains in her head? 
Laser guns are set to stun, emergency code red, 
It's getting worse, where's Captain Kirk? 
Call Flash Gordon instead...... 

Oh my god! The Martian girls have landed...... 

What to do on a wet Saturday night?
Well…..this Saturday it was a no brainer, I took myself along to the Bung where top bands Ten Eyed Man  and Mutha Luvin Chimps were headlining in support of the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative!
I was not disappointed, as the bands ripped the place apart with stand out performances!
Mutha Luvin Chimps were first to show, and an outstanding extended set followed as the band showcased their excellent CD `Life, Love & Daytime TV ` with infectious enthusiasm.
I hate labels, but if pushed I would go for Punk with Polish, but are they either? Well …yes they are certainly punk, and there`s polish in the mix too, but there’s also a certain rawness in Jonny Briggs` delivery that says that there’s much more to this band than any label might adequately cover.
With a line up of Briggs( vocals), Penguin ( guitar), The Saint on bass and Silverback , who was massively impressive on drums, the lads were away into an hour long set.  
The caustically cool  `SOS Jeremy Kyle’  was just one from the CD `Life , Love & Daytime TV ‘ to get the band's full on treatment, going down really well.
Try this for size though......
From the CD tracks that featured,  I liked the title track  and `It’s not Easy’ –both delivered with drive and energy by the lads, and for pure rawness `Everybody’s on Medication’ ( see above)and the gut wrenchingly pain drenched `Woman’ took some beating too.
The band were at their best however, on `Hey Ho, Let Yourself Go’, ending with a stonkingly excellent  encore of ` Eton Rifles’ and ` Never Gonna be the One’ to end a top set on a monumental high!

It was unfortunately a pretty poor turn out for Mutha Lovin Chimps last night due to the combination of torrential rain and power outs thanks to the weather - should have predicted it - NABD Rally is always the kiss of death to the weather across the whole NW - must be Byrnie's was a real shame though because my God they are GOOD....belted out a brilliant set of originals sprinkled with covers - uppy, energised punk with a great sound and technically and vocally excellent - so often one bit of the band lets the rest down a bit, but these guys are tight as a drum and have a great set - everything flows and you really get drawn good in fact that half way through the first few numbers I had the diary out and hopefully they are back with us for a Saturday gig on 10th this space and don't miss em next time round... xxx



MUTHA LUVIN CHIMPS are a spectacular sounding new wave/post punk band hailing out of Manchester, England!
These rockers are extremely sharp in talent and exceptionally thunderous music fun and they had music similarity elements to the Buzzcocks, The Romantics, Generation X and of course The Ramones. They are a superb rock n’ roll listen!
I certainly expect these rockers to pick up a mighty music appreciator following, great new wave/punk and post punk era music ‘done right’ in “Now” music times!


Genre: New Wave/Post Punk
Location: Manchester, England