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Mutha Luvin Chimps have got to be the friendliest punks around. 4 lads from the North West of England. Brought together by their love of creating and playing live music. Not just any music... Original music, fast and melodic music to get your feet bouncing and your heart pumping.

Jonny, Nozzer, Silverback and The Saint got together in 2012 and, with attitude, write songs that tell stories of real life in a light-hearted way. Fuelled on a youth filled with Ramones, The Jam and The Undertones their sound takes you right back to the late 70’s in a refreshingly modern way. That’s why audiences want to pogo like it’s 1977 all over again and again.

Mutha Luvin Chimps have released 2 albums. The first LIFE,LOVE & DAYTIME TV back in 2014 and their latest THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS in 2017.

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