Story so far...


4 dum dums, 3 chords and 4 lads from the North of England. Brought together by their love of creating and playing music. Not just any music... Loud music... Original, fast and melodic music to get your feet bouncing and your heart pumping. 

-  VOCALS - Jonny joined Mutha Luvin Chimps in January 2013. He just turned up and wouldn't go away. The self styled eye candy of the band has a voice like a cement mixer full of gravel and the hip gyrations of a hula girl on steroids. 

SILVERBACKDRUMS - The unreal drummer thrives on hitting things hard and fast while attracting the attention of young ladies. Silverback likes beer. Lots of beer. If you meet him then it is always wise to offer him a beer. Silverback also likes ladies underwear so please feel free to throw your discarded garments at him. 

THE SAINT -  BASS & VOCALS - Fast and furious bass lines, sports cars and glamour models is how the Saint styles himself. However the nearest he's got to this is reading Razzle in the back of his Capri.  The Saint is ex forces and has a short fuse and a bad temper but is quite a nice person under all that. 

NOZZER - GUITAR - Quick hands and fast fingering is how Nozzer likes to describe himself. He also plays guitar quite well too.

Former Members

PENGUIN - guitar